Buffalo Skate Trucke.

Buffalo Skate truck


the beginNing...

For over 20 years John lived, breathed, and loved skateboarding. After receiving his first skateboard at the age of 6 he lived the skating life.  He spent every weekend he could with his brother at the Turf Skatepark in Milwaukee.  He bored his big sister with hours upon hours of skateboarding videos.

When he moved to the St. Pete/Tampa area as a young adult the skating didn't stop.  He worked for a time at the Skatepark of Tampa, Westside Skate Shop, and has befriended skateboard enthusiasts all over the Bay area.

Then he found a truck and had a vision.  A vision of bringing his love for skateboarding to the masses whenever they wanted!  With the help of friends and family the Buffalo Skate Truck is born.  It is just about ready to meet you wherever you would like and create a skateboarding experience different than any other you've had before.  Whether you have been skating your whole life, or you want to learn, contact us!!